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The Knights & Archers of Herstmonceux Castle

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Medieval Re-Enactors from around the World


Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex, England

Don't miss this annual opportunity to see old friends and make new ones at the largest medieval festival in England. Be part of the daily Siege as it unfolds around the walls of the 15th Century Moated Castle and concludes on the rear Battlefield; or compete in the Archery Competition. Register your group or yourself at our 'Re-Enactors' section. (participants must meet standards of safety requirements and dress).
Register for the world class English Longbow Tournament as Europe's finest bowmen gather to compete for prestige and prizes. All ages and skill levels are welcome; see the 'Archery' section for further details. Complete the on-line 'Traders' form to reserve space in the historic handcrafters' medieval market (limited covered space may be availabe by pre-arrangement). Erect an encampment and enter the Living History Competition for cash prizes. Musicians, Puppeteers, Jesters, Acrobats, Storytellers, Witches, Fortune Tellers are welcome to perform on the Village Stage. To apply please see 'Performer' section. Separate free plastic camp site with hot showers available or on-site bed and breakfast. Gather around the camp fire each night with your family and friends or enjoy the atmosphere in the Buxom Wench Tavern....tarry a while for a cup of mead or real ale and a hearty meal with friends old and new.

Would you like to join the Knights & Archers of Herstmonceux ?

The period represented is that of the War of the Roses - 1379 to 1485. Appropriate because Herstmonceux Castle was built in 1302, and by mid 1400 Herstmonceux and its Castle was well established as a powerful and prosperous estate. Costumes of this period were some of the most colourful and therefore offer our members a wide range from which to chose.

Mounted tournaments had become popular by then, allowing for groups to incorporate horse and rider as well as all manner of members on foot. The Hundred Year War ended in 1453 and village festivals were becoming a popular way to celebrate peace. During this period houses or groups, similar to the Knights & Archers of Herstmonceux, became prominent as in the Houses of York, Lancaster and Percy. 1485 saw the end of the War of the Roses, when Richard III died at the Battle of Bosworth, and this corresponds approximately with the end of our era.


To promote Herstmonceux Castle as part of England's heritage.

To help raise funds for the ongoing maintenance of Herstmonceux Castle and other charities, as was the duty of all good knights of the period represented.

To create and promote a medieval festival based at Herstmonceux Castle, which is recognized internationally as one of the 'not to be missed annual events'.

To encourage people to take an interest in their heritage.


  1. Membership is free for the first year, and £25 annually thereafter. Renewal will be due annually at England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle.
  2. Members will receive a regular group newsletter.
  3. Members will be entitled to invitation and free admission to all events run by The Malcolm Group (Events) Ltd. worldwide.
  4. Members will be entitled to wear the Knights of Herstmonceux colours and insignia.
  5. Members will be entitled to call Herstmonceux Castle their historical place of residence when they meet other medievalists.
  6. Members will be the official hosts of England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle, held annually on August Bank Holiday weekend.
  7. Members may have an amateur or professional interest in reenactment, and those of all levels are welcome as are market traders, craftsmen, medievalists and living history enthusiasts. The Knights of Herstmonceux is an umbrella organisation that will offer something for everyone.

We welcome members of other medieval groups to join us as weekend, or year round members of the Knights & Archers of Herstmonceux Castle

Knights & Archers of Herstmonceux - Application Form

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Are you a member of any other re-enactment groups? We welcome members from all groups to join us.

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If you are an existing member of a group or simply an individual re-enactor wishing to take part in a specific event within the Festival, please complete a separate form within the 'Re-enactors' section in order to register for that activity. Some examples of these other activities are trading medieval goods, competing in the archery competition, skill at arms competition or performing live on the village stage.