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Events at
England's Medieval Festival

There are many exciting events going on at England's Medieval Festival. Here are a few videos to show you some of these events.


Siege Trebuchet

Siege Archers


The Siege and Battle of Herstmonceux Castle

The centre piece of the Festival is the morning siege and afternoon battle for Herstmonceux Castle. Jim March of The Medieval Siege Society describes the story line. It is mid afternoon in the summer of 1471, and the heat haze rises over the fairy-tale setting of Herstmonceux Castle on the southern coast of England. Amongst the woods outside the massive limestone walls, a tented village has sprung up in the last few days. This is no ordinary collection of travellers laying up for the night. We are in the middle of a civil war, the English civil war, and as events unfold, it is easy to draw parallels between this conflict and civil wars of more modern times. To a point: what we are about to see is for entertainment purposes only.

Jousting - The Sport of Kings

Sir Rupert Hammerton-Fraser talks about the history of jousting on horseback supported by video clips of actual jousting as seen at England's Medieval Festival. 

Falconry Video

Master Falconer Stephen Charlton talks about the history of Falconry with scenes from his show at England's Medieval Festival.

The Village Stage

The Village stage at Herstmonceux Castle hosts music and entertainment events.

Longbow Demonstrations